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About Amanda

I’m a designer, illustrator, and game master with a passion for telling visual stories. Creating a connection with a viewer using imagery and interactive experiences is what it’s all about, wether I’m telling them a brand story or immersing them in a game world. I’m nerdy about design and pretty much everything else. I was raised on Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and I like cosplay and obsessing over TV shows.  I’m enthusiastic about art, branding, typography, and web design. I love expressing a look and feel through every possible medium and bringing all of the brand elements together to create something unified and whole. 


I’m really excited to see what project I’m building next so shoot me an email and we can start making something together. If I can create cool things with cool people, I will have found the secret to life.  Nothing beats the feeling of seeing something you created exist in the real world, on a screen or on paper. My portfolio is the story of me chasing that feeling. 

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